Saturday, April 28, 2012

Craigslist Finds

I've been Craigslist-trolling like crazy lately.

I love a good deal just like the next, girl.

And I've found some really cool pieces around the house.

Let me show you some recent treasures:

Picked this guy up for $10.  
This pair of gorgeous Bergere French Provincial vintage chairs.
Sippy cup wasn't included...just keeping it real.

A super cute Gossip Bench as an entry-way seat of which I accidentally forgot to take the before picture.  It was a light oak color...I quickly converted it to match my grey period with some white semi-gloss.
Only cost me $40.
This beaute also currently resides in the entry-way to house all of our board games and winter accessories.  Guess how much?
And then the grand-daddy of them all so far:

Oh, this buffet.  LOVE.  Nope, didn't re-do it.  Let someone else put in the blood, sweat and paint on this one.
And believe it or not, she only cost me $150.  PS, do you see that orange under there...he must be a toddler stow-away.

We also have purchased all 8 of our current kitchen table chairs from Craigslist, but they are currently undergoing their white and reupholestry transformation, so they'll make their debut another day.

Friends have recently asked me, "How do you find this stuff?!"

My response: it takes time.  

When searching for an item, I try to use as many search words for the same item that I can think of.

For example, I'll use "sideboard", "buffet", "credenza", "cabinet" all to find the same item that I'm calling a buffet.  And then, I simply use the Craigs-EASY button (if you don't have this downloaded on your computer yet, oh my word, GO DOWNLOAD IT NOW) and it cuts my search time in half.

I love finding one of a kind pieces.  Thank goodness for Craigslist.  And for my husband for making COUNTLESS Craigslist runs in the last two months.

Stay tuned to see some of these transformations of the beloved furniture finds!

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  1. Love your pretties and your energy! You inspire me with your obvious energy and the zest in the hunt! After all, that's what it's all about, well, kinda.


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