Monday, May 21, 2012

Numbers: Decorative & Educational

It's no secret that I'm minorly obsessed with all things typography right now, and although this seems to be a current trend, I think that numbers are a timeless way to embellish most anything.

The latest number run in our house is both decorative and educational.

As these two little Dirt Stainers grow, Number 1's vocabulary and knowledge expands daily.

Everything is a vocabulary lesson.  We rattle off EVERYTHING around us all day long.  It's super fun {and exhausting}, but mostly fun.

We're recently trying to perfect counting to ten.

I figured this addition would not only add some flavor to the dining room, but also serve as a visual for Brecken to look at while he eats.  

I'm a visual learner - he might be too?

I picked up these 5" Baltic Wood numbers from here for $0.99 each along with a can of Copper Krylon Glitter Spray.

My husband HATES glitter with a capital H but I love it.

Krylon Glitter Spray is the perfect compromise - all the glam of glitter without the normal "glitter dust" that can be found everywhere for months after.

*Note: Although I LOVE the look of the Glitter Spray, the actual sprayer of the can kept getting clogged (hence how some of the edges aren't totally covered).  It was really annoying.  Maybe I did something wrong, but that's my honest feedback.

Once dry, I decided to adhere them to the wall with these little sticky dots.

They hold really well and won't leave a permanent mark on the wall.  Perfect.

In order to ensure they all fit, I started by applying the 1 and the 10 so that I could know what I was working with.

Then each number got added - mine were 9 inches apart (roughly).

They aren't perfectly level with one another for an intentional whimsical look.

I just love them!

I'm not yet ready to reveal the whole dining area, but this was a fun way to add function and decor.  Especially to what would've been an unused space otherwise {who else decorates ABOVE their curtains?!}.

Total Cost:
$11 for numbers
$4 for Krylon Glitter Spray
$2 for Sticky Dots

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  1. ohhh..I love this! I havent tried spray glitter.. but Ill defiantly have to give it a try soon! Very pretty :)

    Ps.. make sure you check out my giveaways this week! Lots of great stuff up for grabs :)

    1. Yes definitely try it! But see what Amber said below - because she knew to rinse the nozzle and I didn't. :)

  2. Oh how FUN for the boys! Great way to redeem that unused space up there. Yes, that glittery spray does clog more often than non-glittery spray. Kind of annoying. I just shake, shake a lot and then rinse the nozzle under water if need be, wipe often, etc. It should be labeled "high maintenance"! :)

    1. Yeah I definitely should've rinsed the nozzle but I just got too impatient. Story of my life. :)

  3. Super cute numbers and the perfect way to educate the little ones! Visiting you from Not Just a House Wife, and happy to be now following. :-) Hope you have a wonderful night!


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