Thursday, May 24, 2012

Retail Therapy: Antique Stores

I got some unprecedented time to myself yesterday, and knew exactly what I wanted to do: shop!  {After I made a pit stop at the nail salon of course - these days don't come around that often you know}.

My favorite treasure finding spot is Snohomish.  There's this store, and this store that usually are always good for at least a couple gems.

Here's what I found:
Vintage galvanized pail.
Cool French-inspired canvas transfer
An old pulley.
I could probably make this - but who's got time for that?!  {As I blog...}  Old books with fun embellishments.
I plan to add a stencil to these two lovelies I picked up.  I know that these pillows are sort of everywhere, but oftentimes you can't find that soft lineny fabric.  These are soft.  Too bad you can't touch them through the computer screen {like a scratch and sniff...someday}.

*That 'est. 2006' isn't really there.  Just a thought.

I have a thing for numbers.  Especially odd numbers.
What do you do when you have just a couple free hours to yourself?


  1. Cute finds! LOVE Faded Elegance!

  2. What fun finds! I love the old pully and the canvas transfer.


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