Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Revamping a Gossip

Being a gossip is not something to be proud of.

A wise person once told me:
{If they gossip TO you, they'll gossip ABOUT you} 

I don't want that.

But I do want, what the old folks call, a Gossip Bench.  A what?!  A gossip bench.  Let me introduce you.

I had to Google what it was too.  Don't worry.  I'm not even sure why it's called that.  But whatever - it's super cute nonetheless, and when I saw it's $40 price tag during one of my daily Craigslist hunts, I had to have it.

After giving her a solid sanding, some priming, and several coats of white semi-gloss (in the premade quarts) paint, she now resides in my entry way.

Supes cute right?!

I figure it's the perfect spot for someone to stop and put their shoes on before leaving, possibly gossip a little bit, or it's latest purpose has been the ever-notorious TIMEOUT chair.

Yeah you think that those innocent eyes could never POSSIBLY get in trouble.  Ha!  This {almost} 2 year old LOVES visiting the timeout chair these days.

I'm just glad this his cute little butt gets to sit on this cute little bench.  Because as frustrated as I can get at him, as soon as I step back and glance at this beaute, I instantly am filled with joy again at her place in the house.

And, I know I'm in a white furniture rut, but oh my word, I just can't resist!

That's it for now!

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  1. it looks adorable, and i love the wall color behind it and the wooden crate.... it all looks great together!

  2. Cute! I love the contrast between the white bench and the wood crate. Love love love.

    Your blog is super cute :) I'm now following along! Best of luck!


  3. i had a variation of this 'gossip bench' in my house as i was growing up in the 50s. our resided in the hallway of our home. this was a bench where you would sit to use the telephone... a bench for you and a little table for the phone. you did a very nice job.

  4. I loved your title too much and then scrolled a bit down! It's so beautiful and really adorable. I love white furniture and often choose for my home furnishing. I am so glad to have the same above. It can be great present to my kid and hope to get great match with his existing furniture. Anyway, thanks for sharing this beautiful post.


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