Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Vintage Target

I love vintage.  If you follow me on Pinterest, all my inspiration pins have some sort of vintage flare or feel to them.

What I don't love about vintage is dirt, and grime, and funky smells.  Yuck.  Hence, our new construction house that I'm working to now make look "old".  

I'm sort of a priss in that sense...love the LOOK of vintage, but not everything else that comes with it.

Thankfully, NEW vintage is apparently the "in" thing, and some of my favorite retailers are jumping on the bandwagon.

Specifically, Target is stepping up their game.
To hold blankets.

I just recently purchased these "vintage" milk crates from Target.  Nope, not the local antique store.  Target.
To house stray shoes.
Target also had these cute little coasters hanging around town too.

I'm obsessed with all things lettered or numbered.  So these "vintage" coasters were a perfect addition with only a $10 price tag.

And look at this cute little stool that Target has right now.

It's sold out currently, but wow.  So cute.

Way to go Target.  I've heard Ikea has added a whole "vintage" line too but I've yet to experience it.  

Do you guys know of any other retailers jumping on board the "new vintage" bandwagon?  Please SHARE!

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  1. Love your new bloggy blog! SO CUTE! Love vintagey stuff too -- I just found two old wood crates buried in the woodshop last week and I was thinking of whitewashing them...now I'm a bit more inspired! Can't wait to see more vintagey finds of yours...


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