Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Wrong Color...try again

Last week, on a rare Seattle sunny day, I got inspired by a bold color at Home Depot.


Yep, totally not my normal.  But I was feeling fancy (because that's really just a fancy word for purple).

So after a little sanding, and some cleaning, I was ready to transform this little side table.

Then, I got cold feet.  Aubergine was a bold choice with my neutral house.  Okay, how about just paint the HARDWARE that color?

I went with my go-to paint color these days, sprayed the hardware, and came up with this.

Not sold.

It blends too much into the wall color.  Darn it.  Wrong color choice.

I don't know what color will take place for this little guy, but I know he's not staying like that permanently.

What color do you think I should do?

So, TBD.  But for now, this is what he looks like...

Make sure to follow along to see what I come up with!

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  1. i think the purple hardware is fun! sorry- i mean aubergine. :) if you really want to redo it again, i think turquoise would look fabulous with your chairs, or even a fun pink!

  2. Seeing the colour of the hardware, I'd totally go Aubergine. Plus it's a small piece and it wouldn't be overwhelming. Then I'd maybe spray the hardware Krylon's brushed nickel.


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