Thursday, June 14, 2012

Chalkboards & Barn-wood

Whew - talk about absentee blogger!

This little one...
Mr. Serious.  Always.
...has been keeping us on our toes man!

What feels like 4 billion medications, and 300 doctors visits later, I think we finally may have solved his/our problems and are hoping bright horizons are, well, on the horizon. :)

Which will allow me to get back to this fun hobby of mine called decorating la casa!

I actually was able to get some pictures up on the walls recently so that you can tell who lives here.

I took a serious shopping trip to Hobby Lobby and picked up 5 of these reclaimed barn-wood frames.

Oh my word, I love them.

I then decided to add a big 18x24 framed chalkboard as the anchor to the new gallery wall.

I don't know about you, but I am still full-on dedicated to the chalkboard trend.  I love the black.  I love the versatility.  And I LOOOOOOVEEEE words.  {as seen in the bajillion "labels" already added to the house}

PS - although this was technically free-handed, I did try to emulate the font Clementine Sketch - great free font to have in your here.

Def need to get those French Bergere chairs re-done!

Forgive the glares...too much natural sunlight.  A good problem to have in my opinion. :)
Chalkboards & Barn-wood: two staples in this house that aren't going anywhere.

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