Monday, July 30, 2012

Home Decorating: British Invasion

London is so hot right now.

And I totally LOVE the British invasion that has occurred in the home decorating world.

I actually recently discovered that the British-based company, H&M, has a home line!

Oh my word, I was so excited!

I filled my cart (like really filled it - 25 items!), and was all ready to have the fun loot sent across the seas to my front door.

To only find out, THEY DON'T DELIVER TO THE US of A!  

As Brecken would say, 
"Are you kidding me?!"

Dear H&M,
Please open an American Home line...or just allow me to ship here!!
A Lover of Your Line

So here's some eye candy, that unless you have a nice trip to London planned (which if you do, PLEASE let me know - to H&M I will pay to send you), you can only LOOK at the H&M home line and dream.

Check out the rest of the H&M Home Collection here...and dream with me.  Or book yourself a ticket.  And pack an extra suitcase for me. :)

Anyone going to London soon!? (For real)


  1. Wow, beautiful things. I wonder if they ship to Canada. They really should, we share monarchs...

  2. I just dropped a London-bound friend off at the airport this morning! You know Matt & Daisy, right? This stuff is awesome and since it's H&M I'm assuming it's reasonably priced... although, with the exchange rate, maybe not.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Oh wait, just stumbled upon this in catching up on all of my blogs:

    Your prayers are being answered!


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