Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Room Reveal: The Dining Room

Wow, lots of room reveals lately!  The Kitchen, Entryway, and now the Dining Room - yep, folks, projects are getting checked off my list and it feels good!

This is where we do life.  It's hard to photograph, but our house is a great room concept and I love it.

So when I say Dining Room, it's the same room as the Kitchen and Family Room...which I love!

Ah yes, natural light.  It helps with my Seattle-induced S.A.D. (seasonal something disorder - basically I got the no-sunshine blues :) ).

Let's recall the before picture of this space:

And now it houses all this fun grey/white rut style. :)

Craigslist purchase - I WISH I could claim that I re-did this one myself.
Re-done chairs - new fabric and spray painted white.

Love our wood floor stain.  Neutral jute sisal rug - perfect for kids!
This brings me to our table.  Oh how I loooooovvveeeee the table.

We splurged and went for it.  Got the Boulangerie Dining Table from here...extends to 10 feet!!

And some personal touches:

Chair Fabric - here
Dining Table - here
Curtain Knobs - here
Glitter Numbers - here
Parisian Clock - here (sorry, no longer available :( )
Rug - here (10'x13' = GINORM)

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  1. Hey! Very nice dining room, very much the direction I'd love to take MY dining room. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. This is so great! I hope you will link this up this week to The CSI Project. The challenge is Kitchen makeovers and decor. The competition starts Wednesday. Starting Monday thru Wednesday are tutorials. Come link up. You just might win! Each week is a new challenge.
    Come on over!

    PS Great blog. I would love for you to be a guest judge some time. email if you are interested,

  3. Hi did you seal this restoration hardware table?

  4. Hi did you seal this restoration hardware table?


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