Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Craigslist Run + Some Tips

Oh what I'll do for a deal.

If you're anything like me, it doesn't really matter the lengths that you have to go to in order to secure that one-of-a-kind-piece-that-you-just-need-to-have-RIGHT-NOW!

Craigslist is often the "place" that I can browse during nap time to find such things.

Case in point, an old rustic "screen" door that some lady was just leaving in her front yard before she moved away.

Umm...I think I need that!

What I neglected to account for was the bajillion NAILS that were sticking out of it all over the place!

If you follow me on Instagram (@mamacarbs), you saw this picture...

Somehow I made it home.  Alive.

So I vacuumed up all the spiders, cobwebs and other fun "treasures" a super old door collects in someone's yard, and just LOVE how it fits perfectly in our dining room.

I've been wanting a spot to display some favorite pictures, of not just us, but our friends and family too.

I oftentimes have a hard time committing to just one picture to frame.  So to change these out regularly is the perfect solution for my commitment-phob tendencies.

I often get asked by people: 
"What do you search for on Craigslist to find such a thing?"

My quick anybody-can-do-them tips are:
1. Use keyword searches such as rustic, vintage, antique, or shabby chic.
You'd be surprised at the things that come up.

2. Always check the Free section.
Treasures here people.  Serious treasures.

3. Search for "stores" you generally like.
This sounds weird, but people will often categorize something as Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, Anthropologie, etc based on how the piece looks.

4.  Always, always use CraigsEasy.
Download it right now.  It's free.  It will change your Craigslist searching days.  I promise.

I just love real antiqued wood.  You just can't replicate the real deal.

I know that this will be a place to spice things up for each season...a bunting here, some glittered clothespins there, everyone's Christmas cards up there...oh the potential of this door!

You probably can't see it, but it even has an "easel" built in the back, so it doesn't have to lean on our walls!
Well worth a suicide Craigslist run.  Late at night.  By myself.  Eek!!!

{Any fun Craigslist/treasure finds you've scored lately?}

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  1. Awesome score! Love it. But don't go back out that late at night by yourself!!!

  2. I love love love it! It looks awesome with the pictures. I think it was worth it : )

  3. What a fun idea! I love the texture of the wood with those are such a rock star!



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