Thursday, October 25, 2012

Start to the Play Room: "Wallpaper"

The Play Room.

I have it affectionately labeled on a Pinterest board as The Disaster Zone.

This is the only room downstairs that I've yet to tackle.  Mainly because it is always a disaster!
Plainer than Sarah, Plain and Tall.
That picture was taken before the madness of Toy Story 9.0 moved in.

This kids got toys for days.

But what this room lacks, is serious style.

One of the ideas that I've been wanting to put to use for forever is photo wallpaper.  Have you seen this in action before?

I actually first saw the idea on an HGTV reality show following the interior design guru's, the Novogratz family - and I just fell in love.

Research (aka Google), told me that it'd cost me...oh, an arm and leg.  That's an exact figure.

So when I saw the fun tutorials on Pinterest that Staples offers ginormous black and white prints, known as Engineering Prints, for only $4.99 - I thought I might be able to create a similar effect...for a fraction of the price.

I went ahead and constructed the photo collages with Picasa, but have yet to get the prints.  I'm pretty pumped to try this.




The thought is that these three will be repeated to cover the whole wall.

I'll keep you posted on the progress.

If it works, I'll come back with a tutorial.

Makeshift wallpaper for really cheap, here I come!

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