Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas Chalkboards & Plaid

Chalkboards and plaid describe my Christmas decorating theme this year.

I wanted to show you a couple of the ones I finished so far.

PS (if you follow along on Instagram - @mamacarbs you of course have already seen these)

Definitely not trying to be a bah-hum-bugger with this - just trying to infuse some Christmas-themed laughs.  

I love Home Alone.  And Kevin.

My Christmas Porch is not as inspired as my Fall Porch.

I really need to get that roadside rescue chalkboard mounted.

Dear Husband, I've got another project for you. :)

I also went against blogger code and used a FAKE - yes you read that right - FAKE swag for the front door.  It was just so much easier.  And on sale.  Martha Stewart Collection from Home Depot.

Then, inside, I brought back some a little Christmas sentiment with the chalkboard on our family room gallery wall.

And then under my tree, we've got more "chalkboard":

Do you love those gift tags, or do you love those gift tags?

I'd highly recommend you get some ASAP from my gal over here.

And then, more plaid in the dining room.

It's my version of our weekly advent (inspired by my friend over here).  We've been having so much fun going through this friend's weekly suggestions.

And then I've been working on the place-cards for the two Christmas dinners we're hosting this year.

I can't help myself.  Everything in my life needs to be personalized.

Sorry this is sort of random.  That's kind of how I feel today.

There's my plaid and chalkboard Christmas.  I love it.

{What sort of theme have you gone with in your decorating?  Do you do a theme?}

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  1. LOVE that plaid wrapping paper. Where's it from?


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