Friday, February 15, 2013

Master Bedroom: More White

The sun is out today, and it just brings this seriously fresh feeling into our whole house.  

Makes me want to clean, clean, and clean.  (My husband LOVES that...)

I've been showing you small projects (like this one and this one), in our master bedroom update, and I made a choice this week to update our (not that old) bedding.

Yep, you guessed it - MORE WHITE.

I chose this beautiful organic pintuck set from here.  And just LOVE it.

I'm trying to see how far I can get in this room, without having to actually change out all of the furniture.

We had DARK bedding before, combined with dark espresso furniture, living in Seattle...shoot, we might as well have called our master a dungeon.

Best old picture I could find...there's our (former) puppy Dempsey. :(
So dark.

And today, with the sun shining, there isn't anything I love more, than walking into my bedroom and letting out a huge breath, because that's how it makes me feel.  

So refreshed.

If you follow me on Instagram, then you already saw the sneak peak of the addition of that fancy new chandelier.


Now, we still have that huge looming wall behind our bed to take care of, but I've got a plan for that...and hopefully this weekend, we'll be able to do something about it.

I just love how much of a difference in mood adding a little more white will do.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. We just got that same exact comforter for Christmas. Love!

  2. I have one too, got mine at Target, yours looks fab!

  3. Love it!!! I have the same bed spread!!!

    Andie @

  4. How pretty!!! The bedding is gorgeous! The room looks so relaxing and cozy!

  5. LOVE the new bedding! Re-doing my master right now and we went with white bedding! Love the freshness and simplicity of it!

    Jenna @

  6. Looks great! We are in a similar situation with our living room furniture. Trying to brighten everything up without spending much.

    Fun stuff!

  7. Ashley your master bedroom looks great! I love the light colors! Would love for you to share at the party! xo bridgett


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