Friday, February 8, 2013

Master Bedroom Re-do: The Start

For as long as I can remember, Blake and I have never had a "completed" master bedroom.  It truly is THE very last space in our house that gets any attention.

I've been wanting that to change, and vowed it would, when we moved into this home.

Well, here we are a year later, and I am making good on my vow.

Here's what we're working with:

Ugh, okay just kidding.  I wish it was still this clean.

This is it's current state.

I can't believe I just showed you that picture.

Perfectly staged right?  :)

Real life people, this is real life.

I created a Pinterest board that captures more of the master bedroom that I dream about.

So I

So I've begun this process.  

I even did a really quick re-do on my dream nightstand yesterday.

I'll show you the full before and after next week.  It was a pretty hideous copper gold. :)

And then I also picked up this bad boy from Craigslist today.

I have always DREAMED of a chandelier in my bedroom.  It's so grown-up and fancy for me.  I'm excited!

So there you have - the beginnings of our master bedroom makeover.  

Still to come:
1.  That furniture has GOT to go (why was espresso furniture ever in????)
2.  Some serious accessories
3.  A dreamy white down comforter.

I can't wait to have a bedroom that's just ours.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Gah! I hate all the dark brown furniture in our house. I want to shoot myself... or get new stuff. Trying to be patient :)


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