Saturday, March 2, 2013

At A Stand Still...

I was loving all of the momentum we've been having tackling some much needed projects for the year - getting our upstairs rooms in order!

I've been showing you (prob way too much) step by step progress in the Master (see projects here and here).

But here's where we're at currently:

And I'm stuck.

Stuck because (like I shared with my peeps on FB), we picked up this score of a 4 poster bed on Craigslist a couple weeks ago...and I have not been at peace with the decision on what color to paint it.

Current state of my loft.  Real life people, real life.
I would just paint it white.  Because duh, I love white.  I know I love white.  So always paint it white right?

EXCEPT...I have visions of beautiful white board and batten flanking that wall...

Inspiration pic.

So I'm stuck...too much white?  White.  On white.  On white.

These are MAJOR first world problems - I am fully aware of that.  :)

I've realized a pattern with myself though...when I get to a stand still, that means, there's something about the space that I don't love.

If I LOVE it = full speed ahead and you can't stop me.

If I'm DEBATING something = I should just stop and change the spot that's giving me doubts.

Case in point: the craft room.

Got the bed, loved it.  Painted some stripes.  Loved it even more.  Painted even more stripes - was still in love.

Bad lighting - sor.

Then on a whim one day, pasted some book pages up and thought hmm...will I like this?

Instagram peeps said yep, keep going!

So I have.  As you can see above - practically the whole wall is done.

But I'm still not feeling it.

I think the book pages are too...what's the word?  Harsh?

I was going for a light, airy, semi-girly feel in this room.  Fresh.  Blank slate.  Thinking room.  Reading room.  Crafting room.  MY room.

Things ready to go up on the wall.
Everything is soft neutrals.

Ugh, but it kills me to rip all these pages down.

So my two dilemmas:

1.  Bed frame color?
I think I'm debating now between a soft grey, or an antiqued white.


2. More stripes or finish the book pages?

PS - does your craft room look like that too?  No?  Just me.  Perfect. :)

Any input you have would be great.


  1. What if you tea stained the book pages to give them a more romantic, girly look you want.

  2. My vote for the bed frame is soft gray. I think it will still be super neutral but pop against the white... and I thought of gray before I even got to the bottom and saw that it was one of your top choices!

  3. I think light gray would work, too. Just enough of a contrast with white walls. My craft room looks like piles. I really need to work on that (and stay off the computer :) Your craft room will be beautiful. I would continue with the stripes - calm, serene is good. Thanks for sharing your rooms.

  4. I would do a soft blueish grey for the bed. As for the walls, maybe just do the one wall in the book page. Is there some kind of wash that you can do over top of them to soften the look. I have no idea what would work, but I am sure their is an answer out there in the Internet world. If you keep the book page wall, I would change the color of the striped wall. I think the colors of the book pages are clashing with the colors of the wall. Or maybe once you do some type of wash on the book pages, they will blend better with the striped wall. Hummmmmmm!

  5. Ashley - first of all I must say that you are incredibly productive! I can't believe you manage to do all this while raising the sweetest little family - props to you girl! :) anyway, my vote is for the gray bed frame. i love gray and white together. the craft room is a little trickier... i was going to vote for all stripes and take the pages down but i like the idea of doing a wash or something over the book pages. that could really soften it up a bit!


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