Monday, March 4, 2013

Bits of Spring

I just wanted to thank you each of you for your input regarding our decorating dilemmas I posted about on Friday.

The feedback was SERIOUSLY helpful, and I now have direction with each dilemma and feel confident about it...but you'll just have to stay tuned to see what I chose.  (hint: both were definitely majority votes).

Thought I'd also show a few of the spring updates around the house.

Target has the cutest Anthro/World Market-esque stuff right now by Threshold.  

This rug was a non-traditional choice for me (couldn't find it online), but I'm LOVING the pops of coral and blue it adds to our otherwise neutral kitchen.

Hand towel set.

And finally, I de-cluttered and simplified our entryway.

I need a Spring pillow to replace that one.

I have my eye on about 400 of these.

And will definitely be adding this chalkboard printout as well.

That's it.  Spring is simple to me.  Clean.  Purge.  And brighten.

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