Monday, March 18, 2013

The Tale of 3 Stools

Paint changes everything.

I'm constantly painting something.  Hence, the name of this little blog.

Well, when I found these stools for our kitchen island, they were no exception.

Plain wood.

But they had a secret weapon - they were SPINNY stools!


So I slapped on a few coats of paint, not knowing which direction I wanted to go.

White.  Paint it white.  That's what I always default to.

But white on white in this scenario, just wasn't working for me.

Gasp, I know.

Second choice:

Sherwin Williams' Rushing River.  I love this color.  Always have.

But I knew I wanted some fun graphics on top of these using this technique, and the black wasn't going to show up as boldly as I wanted to on the semi-dark color.

It looked AMAZE on the white though.

So there I was, staring at my 3 options.  Not LOOOVVVING any of them.

I know - new paint!

(Miss Mustard Seed Luckett's Green milk paint)

**Accidentally deleted this photo**

The chippy-ness and color just wasn't working for me.

This indecisiveness is a sickness, I know.

I know what these guys need NOOOWW - new paint!

I went bold this sample set (well, bold for me).

But I still didn't LOVE any of those options.  

I knew that if I picked the bright coral, I'd for sure want to change it in a couple months.  I can't live with that type of color in my house.

So, these poor stools got a FOURTH coat of paint.

If they had any idea what they were getting into by coming to my house, I guarantee they would've ejected themselves out of my trunk after their Craigslist pick up.

You'll have to stay tuned for how they FINALLY turned out.

And they're waxed, and sealed, and not changing (at least for now) for a LONG time.

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  1. I actually LOVED every transformation you did lol
    But I have that sickness too !!!
    I have a giveaway Ashley right now for Transfer Gel - have you signed on?
    It has your name screaming on it!


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