Thursday, April 18, 2013

Cabinet Chalkboards

As you know, the free section on Craigslist is a regular hang out of mine.  

And awhile back, I hit the jackpot of toss away cabinet jackpots.

I've had lofty intentions with said cabinets, but mostly, they've sat collecting more dust in our garage.

And then, Ms. Lolly Jane introduced me to a revolutionary new product (wow, flare the dramatics much Ash)...

Clear chalkboard coating.

Found at any local craft store (or online here) - I got mine at Hobby Lobby.

I quickly grabbed a bunch of cabinets that had otherwise been thrown away for trash, slapped a few coats of latex interior paint (because that's what I have a plethora of) on them, and began creating the cutest little cabinet chalkboards you ever did see.

I've got coral, mint, turquoise, navy...literally you name it, it can now be "chalkboard paint".  

Plus, an 8 oz bottle only will cost you $5.99 versus the (although wonderful), super expensive chalk PAINT coming in at upwards of $15 for a mere sample.

I added those adorable drawer pulls (but used spray adhesive to attach them upside down), and those serve as a great chalk tray.

So cute right?

I will tell you: the directions for the chalk paint coating calls for a 24 hour cure.  I never have patience to wait like that.  Who does?

Well, apparently, with this stuff, it's not a SUGGESTED direction - it's a must.  That little mint cabinet is currently getting a re-coat because I didn't follow instructions properly.  Whoops.

There you have it - the cutest little chalkboards using recycled materials you ever did see.

And although I do love the classic look of a black chalkboard, I must say, adding a little color to my life will prove to be a good change.

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  1. Really cute idea and a great way to leave a sweet message for someone in the house randomly. I haven't ever seen the clear chalkboard coating before, but I will have to get some now to have some fun with. :)

  2. Oh my goodness, I just adore these... thanks for sharing! I LOVE the colors, too! Found you on the Inspire Me Please party, feel free to check out mine, too!

  3. These ARE super cute Ashley! Looks like a great product!!!

  4. They are so, so cute! I love the colors! Now I'll have to try that product, too... thanks a lot lol. I'm visiting from Tater Tots and Jello! Hope you'll come visit sometime! Have a great weekend!

    -Bonnie @ Revolutionaries

  5. Umm hello!!! Gorgeous! That mint one is especially fab! Love them!

  6. Those are super cute! Love the hardware turned upside down at the bottom! I would love if you would share this over at our blog hop

  7. These are absolutely adorable!! I think I need to make some for outside the kids' rooms!!

  8. Hey! Fun stuff- can you link back to our post, please (instead of our site.) Thanks mucho! (:


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