Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Our Floor Plan - Great Room Concept

When we were searching for a home way back when, we really had a hard time finding one that existed WITHOUT a formal living room or dining room.

GASP.  I know.

During inspection - view from the kitchen.

For us, formal living rooms and dining rooms are actually really large dust magnets.

Rooms that never to rarely get used, and just utterly WAY too dusty. :)

And there were little to no floor plans that we came across (that weren't 5,000+ sq ft) that had a Great Room concept.

Then, we came across the builder who ended up building our house, and he was SO amazing to let us completely re-design one of his basic floor plans.

View from the dining room.
Moved some walls, obliterated a couple rooms, extended some countertops, added a desk, etc.

We LOVE the Great Room concept.  

This is where, and how we live.

Around the kitchen.  The couches.  The table.  This is the heart of our home.

Well, we were super surprised to see a new development going up nearby by our builder showcasing their newest floor plan....


WE designed this bad boy.

We obviously should've asked for royalty credits.  Or maybe we should quit our day jobs. ;)

But, aside from our awesome design skills, I'm stoked that people now get to enjoy a home that WE think is such a great way to live.

So for those looking for some home building inspiration, check out the above floor plan as a starting point if you're like us and think dust mites in the formal spaces should be a thing of the past!


  1. VEry Cool! Yeah, you shoulda got some royalty kick-backs :) They start our new build this week!

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