Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Vintage Fabric Pumpkins

Little bits of Fall have started to show up around our house lately.

Slowly but surely I'm warming up to the seasons changing.

I've seen lots of inspiration around Pinterest and blog land lately and wanted to try my hand at a fun craft.  My seasonal decor is always mostly neutral, but usually with a shabby chic/vintage tweak.

This new craft is no exception.

I found these plain styrofoam pumpkins from the Dollar Tree and transformed them to fit our home decor.

This was such a simple process, but thought I'd document it for a brief (mainly picture) tutorial so that you can re-create it easily too!

Supplies you'll need:

  • Styrofoam pumpkin form (use old ones from your past year's decor for a new look & cheap option!)
  • Paint (I used gold liquid leaf)
  • Paintbrush
  • Hot glue gun & coordinating glue stick
I'm a picture girl, visual learner, so let's let the pictures do the talking since most of these steps are fairly self-explanatory.

Step 1: Paint the stem of your pumpkin (if you desire something other than orange). I chose a gold liquid leafing because gold is just all the rage right now, and I love it in the home!

Step 2: I'm just realizing how unofficial this step is, but I just sort of eye-balled the length and the width of my fabric. 

Step 3: Cut along one edge (length-wise) of your fabric small (approx) 1.5 inch increments.  This doesn't have to be perfect.  Since my fabric was ticking stripes, I honestly was using a 3.5 stripe per strip rule.  See, I told you, real official stuff here.

Step 4: Tear (with your hands) each strip so that you get a natural raw edge for a more rustic look.

Now it's time to glue.  This is what it should look like.

I started with one line at the top of the pumpkin, just below the stem. Then, run the hot glue down the pumpkin where the fabric strip will be placed.

Then, just keep going. I turned on some quality reality TV programming while mindlessly glueing, and you should do the same. :)

Once covered, the bottom was sort of a modge podge of frayed ends, and looked like this:

I used a little extra glue to tighten any loose ends underneath.  Then, I cut out a small circle to glue over the mess.

Glue, and voila - your first vintage fabric pumpkin is complete!

The options really are endless with the direction you could go with these depending on your own home decor.  I'm almost done with my second one too - white stem with a black and white ikat fabric (the same one I used here).

Welcome to my home fabric pumpkins. I just love you.


  1. I absolutely love these pumpkins you did!! I saw these same pumpkins at the Dollar Tree and wondered how I could make them work in my decor. I think some burlap would look cute!! If it's alright with you I will link back when I do them myself!!

  2. Love this little pumpkins make over!! Great idea! Stopping by from Inspire Me. Have a great week end!

  3. I just love those dollar store pumpkins! Yours turned out awesome - I mod podged tissue paper but I am swooning over the fabric!


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