Thursday, October 3, 2013

Chicken Wire Wall

Around the house, the site of bare/blank wall just bugs me.

If you follow along on Instagram (@ashleydsp), you saw me post a warning to this blank wall: that it was about to get the Ashley and Blake treatment!


Solution: my latest brain child...a chicken wire wall!

I'm still working on the full tutorial of how this bad boy ended up on my wall, but for now I'll just shower you with some fun pictures.

Because let's be honest, pictures are more exciting than my words anyway. :)

View from the kitchen.
We added a "chair rail" (just like we did in the entryway), so that it would allow a natural break for the chicken wire to only take up half the wall.

My thought process behind this: I've got crazy tazmanian devils children that for some reason are highly magnetized to crashing into walls.  And I reasoned that something as sharp as chicken wire - albeit cool and functional - is probably NOT the safest choice of wall cushion.

Maybe when they're older.

Or moved out. ;) #kidstrumpdesign

I'm so excited to style this wall for Christmas. (is anyone else's brain CONSTANTLY wandering to Christmas these days?? No? Just me. Cool)

But in the meantime, I used these gorgeous alphabet scripture cards from here to spell out our seasonal motto: Give Thanks.

If I was really ambitious, I'd get my kids (and myself!) to memorize these...but for now, displaying them is a good start I figured. :)

I still haven't decided what to do with the bottom half of the wall.

I'm throwing around adding this chalkboard and map canvases from here as a possibility.

Hanging, obviously.

But I'm also contemplating adding more hooks for more functional storage.

We'll see where I land. (Thoughts???)

In the meantime, I'm LOVING the ability to not only display some cute artwork (most of which by her), but also some of Brecken's projects he's been working on at school.

He feels a huge sense of pride seeing his work up on the wall displayed.

And I love that. 

As much as I would love a cute house, more importantly I want my kids to feel like this is home. And that we are proud of them. So again, #kidstrumpdesign :)

Family photo cred: Lisa Wise Photography
I just used clothespins to hang everything - some decorated with washi tape from here (if you're local), and some painted gold.

View from the entryway now when you walk in.
There's my chicken wire wall.  Stay tuned for the full tutorial!

And thanks again for all the support on yesterday's announcement - I'm really excited, and most of all just thankful. So yeah, thank you. :)

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  1. Oh my goodness....I love this!!! I've never seen anything like it before!! We are renting right now, but I am going to pin this so I can do this when we buy a home. I just love it! It looks great!

  2. that looks great, and is a super idea. i'd probably clutter it up with reminder type things, and I love that you are using it more of a decorating space.

  3. My goodness, you are talented! Can you please come decorate my new house!?

  4. What a cute wall! Love this idea! Thanks for sharing!


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