Thursday, October 17, 2013

Goodbye 20's...Hello 30's

On this, the eve of my 30th birthday, I'm being quite reflective.

For me, I'm a visual learner. And the easiest way for me to see where God has taken me, and where I've been, and how much I've grown, is for me to look through pictures. They are a tangible reminder to me of his presence in my life.

With much to be thankful for.

So, you, as the lucky readers of this said blog, get to journey with me as we take a look back on the last 10 years of birthdays!

20th Birthday:
Road trip with my girlfriends to the UW @ OSU game. Funnest weekend ever. 
And the Huskies won.
Harry the Husky. This picture was framed in my room all of college.
21st Birthday:
Fulfilling a bucket list item of mine: swim in a pool of chocolate pudding. Don't ask. This was one of my most thoughtful birthday experiences/gifts ever. SO. FUN.

Also 21st birthday. Feeling good. :)
22nd Birthday: 
Thought this was the moment Blake was proposing. But he didn't. The good news - he eventually did just a couple months later. Note to self: lower birthday present expectations. ;)

23rd Birthday: 
Whoa - life upgrade! Married. Living in LA. Celebrating my birthday with style-idol Lauren Conrad. That description is only kind of true. It just happened to be my birthday...the party wasn't for me. Pretty sure it was for her. :)  Details.

24th Birthday:
Celebrated at home in Seattle, standing beside two of our best friends getting married. This has been BY FAR one of my most favorite things about my 20's decade - getting to witness so many friends begin their married lives! I love love!

Oh, and PS, also went to NY Fashion Week and checked that off my bucket list.

25th Birthday: 
Always wanted a surprise party, and I got a great one with some of our greatest friends. Topped with a move back to Seattle, and a Husky win - 25 was a great year.

26th Birthday: 
That one time when I crossed a HUGE bucket list item off - being a contestant on Wheel of Fortune! This was literally once in a lifetime!

27th Birthday: 
We gave an entire village clean water through a well. Blake and I, along with the support of our friends and family, raised enough money to sponsor a well through this organization. We called it Jake, Cake & Water. One of my more prouder moments, and something I hope my 30's are marked by as well - generosity. And oh, PS, I'm a mom now too. :)
Brecken at 6 months.
28th Birthday: 
Must've been a low-key one, because I can't find any pictures from my actual birthday. But I know I was surrounded by friends and family again. And also had baby #2 growing inside...Brenner was soon coming!

29th Birthday:
Celebrated in the land of the sun - Arizona. Spending quality time with our families, and some good one on one time with the littles. This was the first year that I felt like I really started to get my stride in my role as a mom. I know, it's about time right? But it's a role that requires so much transition, and adjustment, that in my 29th year, I finally felt a strong sense of self in Who made me, and what purpose I was made for. In this season, these two little boys occupy much of that purpose.

Wow - what a 10 year ride.

I was blessed with SO many amazing memories. And experiences. And given many beautiful gifts - with my husband, and two little boys topping that list.

I'm not sure what the next ten years will look like. Or bring. Your 20's are full of SO much transition. 

To think that I started off this last decade as a young college student sorority girl who didn't have A CLUE what her life would hold, to ending it as a confident woman of God who still has much to learn, but KNOWS her value and worth in the Lord, is crazy.

I'm excited for my 30's. 

I feel like I'm really hitting my stride now. I know my passions. I know a lot of my limits. I'm working on my weaknesses. And I'm honing my strengths. 

I want to be intentional at adding more bucket list pictures to the next decade. To live life to the fullest.

Cheers to 30 years!

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  1. you look like a baby on your 20th! so crazy to see. love you!


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