Thursday, January 23, 2014

End Table Re-Do Using Country Chic Paint

I've been so anxious to share with you my thoughts on the new Country Chic Paint line!

If you've been following along on Instagram, you saw the ADORBS package that arrived on my door a couple weeks ago, and immediate giddiness set in (think Richard Sherman after he just ended the game to send the Seahawks to the Super Bowl EXCITED).

I could hardly wait 5 minutes before I wanted to shove tuck my kids (gently) into bed and get painting! #momoftheyeariknow

I scored this cute little end table at the local St. Vincent de Paul 50% off sale awhile ago. 

In perfectly good shape.

After opening the can of Liquorice, I knew this paint was going to be my new best friend.

I didn't take any "in progress" shots because I literally opened the can and started painting - no time to be a good blogger!

It goes on so smooth. GREAT coverage with one coat, even though I did two. And my favorite part: super easy to clean. Soap and water. 

As a DIY'er with super small "crafting" windows (i.e. nap time), I appreciate SO much a product that has super easy clean up. This is clutch.

I did two coats of Liquorice, and then used a small art brush to dry brush on some highlights in Simplicity.

And my favorite part: black and white stripes as a surprise when you open the drawer!

Phone pic. Not great.

Finally, a little wet distressing (tutorial coming soon), finished in their AMAZING wax, and voila - new end table ready for market!

Country Chic Paint is seriously amaze. And that's my honest opinion (I'm not paid to say that, promise).

I've already painted two other tables, with about a bajillion plans in the works for many more (I mean, look at all the color options!!)

I'm sold ya'll.

I added a yellow pillow to my house…verdict is still out. #neutraladdict
And if you like to win free things…especially chalk paint, I'd recommend heading over to Country Chic Paint's Facebook page to stay in the loop on all the fun giveaways that are running!

In other news, Go Hawks. :)

*Although I was given free product for this project, all opinions and reviews are my own*

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  1. looks fantastic! love your chairs too!

  2. I'm awaiting a package of paint from them, and can't wait!

  3. Your blog is wonderful. I love what you did with that table . . . and I have a table almost identical to that one , that could use a lift. Thanks for the insertion. I can not find where to follow your blog????? Connie :)

  4. I would buy all of your furniture. And maybe I will one day...


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