Monday, February 24, 2014

Quick Update: Removable Wall Decals

I'd say most of the spaces in our home are about 80% complete, with the remaining 20% being lack of art on the walls.

The boys bathroom is no exception.

I've shared a little of the images in their space, but not much.

The layout is a two-part bathroom - entering in with dual sinks (upgrade - thank the Lord we did that!), and then walking back to the water closet (?) for the shower/bathtub and toilet.

This is the space that needed a little pizazz:

Blurry picture. Don't even care. :)
I mean, they ARE boys, so what do they care about pizazz in their toilet room?

But I do.

So guess who wins that war? #me

I found a pair of nautical/lake house themed removable wall decals at Hobby Lobby that had just the right preppy flare to them. 

Plus, half off - they were coming home with us.

Husband would've been proud because I actually pulled out the laser level and marked with pencil on the wall where each decal needed to be placed, and made sure they were level.

I'm sure every perfectionist out there is appalled that this wouldn't be my normal tendency and the way to hang things.

But you know, we each have a place around the table right? :)

The decals were pretty clingy. As in static clingy. Which is good. Once they're on the wall. Makes it a little tricky getting them positioned correctly.

But they were super adjustable, so just don't press them down with Hulk Hogan force before you've got them where you want them.

Then, voila, you've got yourself a little wall art!

In the span of one nap time.

Overall review: definitely love the removable wall decals. 

For $20 and about 5 minutes, this is my type of art!

What are your thoughts? Have you used wall decals before?


  1. Low Priced wall stickers, Wall art and wall decals available from
    Prices start from £7!

  2. Love what you did! Thanks for posting! Truly a great way to decorate. I think simple wall decals (with class) can really add life to any room. I recently bought some wall silhouettes (safari animals) from to dress up my boy's room. What a difference! I was really pleased with them. Keep up the good ideas!


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