Saturday, November 8, 2014

And Baby Makes Five...

We're so excited to introduce the third, and final addition to our family…

PC: Kinsey Meredith Photography
This little girl has already added so much to our lives, and taught us so much about the value of family, patience, and our health.

She arrived 5 weeks early, and to date, we've spent two weeks in the NICU nursing her to full health until she's officially ready to take on the world and bust out of this hospital. 

She's overcome several obstacles already, starting with a medical induction where she was straight evicted from the womb (due to a weird condition I get when I'm pregnant called cholestasis).

Once out, she spent 24 hours under the blue lights (for jaundice) because naturally, she's going to take after her momma and prob loves the sun.

She was in her isolette (fancy word for an incubator box basically) for about a week, and has since been working on regulating her body temperature and taking all of her calories orally instead of through her feeding tube.

I've stayed with her every night at the hospital, which although hard, has been a blessing. Some families in similar situations, don't have the luxury to stay with their little ones. So for that, we are thankful. And although isolating at times, I've found joy and humor in the situation - affectionately dubbing our hospital Hotel Evergreen.

It's been tough to be away from my boys, along with Blake and I oftentimes being apart so that everyone is cared for properly. But we've had help left and right (thank you!), along with countless texts from surrounding friends and community that they are praying for us - all of which we have humbly accepted and feel total gratitude for.

This has been a true "it takes a village" scenario for us, and we've never felt the love and support so strongly.

Although I am so anxious to have our little family of 5 all together (we only got to spend a few minutes together two weeks ago in the hospital when she was born), I know that this is the best place for her to gain strength and grow. We only want to take her home when she's strong enough. Because Lord knows that her two big brothers will put that strength to the test right away. 

Little Miss Brynley, 
Your mommy and daddy couldn't be more smitten with the loads of pink and girly-ness that you have added to our lives in the last two weeks. We have fought for you, and are so in love. We're praying over you daily, and can't wait for you to come home.

*Photo credit goes to the generous and talented Kinsey Meredith Photography. A special thanks to her for donating her time for these pictures and capturing part of Brynley's story so far. Again, SO grateful.


  1. awwwwww what a gift. do not worry, one of my grandsons just began his journey like this too and he is home now and thriving and you'd never know it! Beautifu & Congrats!!

  2. So beautifully written Ashley, a testimony to your faith and love. Brynley is a very fortunate little lady to be gifted to your loving family. Our prayers are with you as our precious Lord continues His work in your lives.


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