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Hi!  I'm Ashley, the proud owner of this little blog, Dirt Stains and Paint.  Dirt Stains for the countless dirt stains I ALREADY am having to get out of clothes in the laundry with a house full of boys.  And Paint for the countless painting, and just general DIY projects, I tackle on our beautiful new home.

A little about me:
Our life of wedded bliss started in 2006.  Officially a 30-something now, and am so blessed to be experimenting in the world of mommyhood.  Yes, that's right, my days are filled with experiments.  Not scientific ones, but ones that involve the kitchen, raising my two boys, this home and learning to be better in all ways that I believe a wife should be.  It is a dream to have a house filled with all things boy, and I strive daily to instill a Godly legacy in this home.  We try to maintain sanity in the house while Blake is away at his 9-5.

If we're going to be friends, there are probably a few things you should know:

I bake cookies only with pre-made dough.
Sometimes I drink a Diet Coke for breakfast instead of coffee.
I have more ideas than I actually follow through with.
I'll always pick a night IN verses a night OUT on the town.  
I only wash my hair (generously) twice a week.
My kids will always be dressed for the day.  Me, on the other hand...
Instagram is my jam.

My guilty pleasures are game and reality shows of most kinds, filling my cart online but not actually buying anything, and cookies - all flavors.

Meet the Cast:

Blake.  That hot guy is taken.  He's the most amazing husband.  An incredible Dad.  Loves Excel and spreadsheets.  Is super personable.  Crazy smart. Helps me with most projects around the house.

Brecken Mathew.  Active.  Independent.  Sports junky.  Is a boy through and through.  Has already had 3 trips to the ER for his fearlessness and where that has taken him.  Loves his Daddy.

Brenner Joseph.  The second-born.  Snuggly.  Adores his brother.  Loves any sort of animal.  Named after his great-grandpa. Shows more attitude that can fit in his 2 year old britches. 

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  1. Your "men" are wonderful! I'm a mom of two (much older than yours) sons. It's more fun than grown ups should be allowed to have! Hugs to you, Kimberly


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I married my best friend in 2006, and we started a family in 2010. Our house is still a work in progress in becoming a home - who knew there would be so many projects with new construction?! I love flavored coffee creamers, reality TV and anything Husky sports-related. My confession is that I only make boxed cookies, don't do grocery delivery (they don't have samples!), and am slightly obsessed with being a mom to boys.

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